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4 days

Stop saying I'm hard to shop for. Surely you know where the liquor store is. #mike's HARDER

6 days

Some call it barrel-aged. We call it old enough to party. Go HARDER Tennessee Barrel Lemonade. #mike's HARDER

8 days

A serious case of the Mondays. #mike's HARDER

10 days

Last call! Nominate a tattoo virgin & pop their cherry. Tag ur friends w #HARDERTattooSweeps #HARDERTattooSweeps

10 days

Sometimes I pregame before the pregame to get ahead of the game. #mike's HARDER

12 days

"Can't talk.Totally crushin' it at life." - HARDER Orange Soda #mike's HARDER

12 days

@thisbitchlyssa Flavors of America is a Mike's Hard product, but at HARDER we offer 12 packs of our lemonade & black cherry lemonade.. #mike's HARDER

12 days

@thisbitchlyssa We do indeed. #mike's HARDER

12 days

@uhurdelly Not to worry--you can search for HARDER by flavor and zip code here: #mike's HARDER

12 days

@mcneiljamesl Know a tattoo virgin? Tag them w/ #HARDERTattooSweeps #HARDERTattooSweeps

15 days

Are you a pirate? Cause I'm diggin your booty. #TalkLikeAPirateDay #TalkLikeAPirateDay

18 days

Started from the barrel now we here. Introducing our new flavor HARDER Tennessee Barrel Lemonade. #mike's HARDER

19 days

Stealing your roommates last HARDER? I too like to live dangerously. #mike's HARDER

21 days

Get ready for that new-new HARDER flavor coming…. soon. Maybe. We haven't decided yet. #mike's HARDER

23 days

When you know the party is about to go down. #mike's HARDER

25 days

You know you're ready for tailgate season when your drink is bigger than your rivalries. #mike's HARDER

27 days

Know a tattoo virgin? Let @LaloTattoos pop their ink cherry. Tag them w/ #HARDERTattooSweeps #HARDERTattooSweeps

32 days

May your Labor Day weekend be as long as it is hardER. #mike's HARDER

32 days

RT @ElectricZooNY: It's going to be a WILD ride this weekend w/ the @HARDER mechanical shark. Stop by their space today! #EZooWild https://…. #EZooWild

35 days

RT if you could really use a good burger and HARDER Orange Soda RN. #mike's HARDER